Make A Custom Planter!

January 19, 2017


I love plants. That’s a pretty common theme around my house. In fact, my husband always has something to say when I come home with yet another plant (which is totally fair). One of my favorite things about our current house is that we have an amazing little screened in front porch that is home to a good bit of my plants!

I was shopping at my local Ace Garden Center for a few little succulents to put on my porch when I came across this adorable little metal/rust pocket planter! How fun! You can buy a very similar one here.

On their display planter they had magnetic numbers as an example of how you could stick on your house number, which I loved, but since the front of our house is a screened porch, I decided to go with our last name. You could totally do whichever you prefer!

They were out of letter and number magnets, so I began my search for magnets to use. Let me tell you I couldn’t find what I was looking for anywhere. That’s when I decided to make my own!

I bought little unfinished wood letters from Hobby Lobby and black metallic acrylic paint so they would have the look of metal when stuck to the planter. You can use any color of metallic paint, I think silver or gold would look great too!

Then I stuck some adhesive magnets to the back of the letters. You will have to cut them to the right  size. The more magnet squares you use the better, the strips aren’t always the strongest. If you’re worried about the adhesive staying long-term, you can always use a little dab of super glue.


Once you have your letters finished, just screw your planter into the wall you want to use, and stick on your letters! I think it would be fun to do an edgier word like “HUSTLE” or “YO”. A more generic word like “WELCOME” would be a nice greeting as well. Maybe I’ll change mine out too!

Last, just pick a cute little plant to fill your planter with! I went with two little pots of a small ivy that doesn’t need too much sun since it’s on our covered porch. Succulents or a cactus would look great here too! Keep your plants in their little plastic pots to make it easier to switch them out!

Happy Planting!


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