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New Year, New You!

January 19, 2017



If you’re anything like me, a new year means it’s time to do some refreshing around the house. I start to get the urge to give my whole (tiny) house a makeover and take a quick trip to my favorite stores for a few fun statement items around the house. 

However, since the new year arrives so quickly after Christmas and most of our budgets aren’t prepared to take a shopping spree hit, I’ve rounded up a few ideas for sprucing up your home that are fun, effective, and won’t break the bank!


Candles- After burning my woodsy, Christmas-tree scented candles all season long, I’m always ready to make a switch and bring in a few new scents to start my year. While I will always have an old faithful Volcano (or three) in my house, a new favorite is this Crane Flower scent! Try a lemon scented candle in your kitchen for a light, clean scent!

Plants– Plants are a great way to bring some life into your space. I have a notorious black thumb, even though I love having plants in the house. My favorite is the ZZ plant because they are low maintenance and add such great texture and color. Try sticking your plant in a decorative wicker basket on the floor for some added coziness!


Throw Pillows- Spend about 5 minutes with me in Target and you will know I can’t resist a good throw pillow. Whether you want to change up the vibe on your couch or your bed, you can’t go wrong by adding some color with a throw pillow. I am currently swooning over these over-sized pillows.


There you have it! Just a few easy ways to welcome 2017 into your home!

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