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Less is More

January 11, 2018


Hi friends!

Well, we are in our second week of the new year! Anyone else already feel like they’ve blown their resolutions!? I mean the year doesn’t REALLY get started until February or so, that means we’re good…right? Yeah, I feel your pain!

This year I have some of the same resolutions as always (eat better, exercise more, deep clean my house more, spend less money etc.) But I also have a new resolution this year: to do LESS.

When the minimalist movement really started gaining popularity, I thought for a while that I would try and take on that minimalist mindset. Less clutter, less stuff all over my house, less decor, less color and clashing of patterns. But I quickly realized I am not a LESS kind of person. I am a MORE person. Give me ALL THE THROW PILLOWS. All the color. All the home decor. All the art prints to hang up on my wall. I have been known to go to a store (for anything) and come back with both of whatever I was looking at. Why choose when you don’t HAVE to choose. Just get both.

Toward the end of this year I started feeling really burned out and overwhelmed with everything with my “more” way of life. I know you’ve been there. You look at your calendar and think to yourself “how did this happen?” Being a “yes” or a “more” person can be exhausting because you truly do want to do everything for and with everyone, but its just not physically possible.

I had filled up my calendar with anything and everything that was asked of me or that I decided to take on myself and I found myself in a place where I knew I needed less. What I am learning is that when you say “yes” to less, then less really is more. You have room to be creative and dream; room to cultivate and maintain deep relationships ; room to spend time at home and enjoy your surroundings.

So this year, I’m resolving to try and do less. Less cramming my schedule. Less worrying about things I can’t control. Less striving for perfection that can’t be reached. Less agreeing to things to be the responsible one or to be liked (yikes, thats a bigger issue right there!)

Because, when you do less–you can do more. More time with God. More time with my spouse. More time chasing my dreams. More growing. More listening.


So what are you resolving to do more or less of this year? I hope that you achieve (or don’t achieve!) everything you set your mind to this year!


Mary Margaret


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