Weekend Roundup

Channeling Joanna Gaines

January 23, 2017


Here’s just a little peek into the highlights of the weekend! I had a great time shopping around with my mom for some things that I needed and yes, a few things that caught my eye along the way!

Hobby Lobby is absolutely one of my all time favorite places to find inexpensive things for around the house or supplies I need for a DIY project. This weekend I totally channeled my inner Joanna Gaines and found several things I’m so excited about incorporating into my home (if only it was a whole shiplap wall!) Don’t we all want to be just a little more like Joanna Gaines? (Speaking of which, did anyone else read her Psalm 62 devotionals? So good!)

First, I found the incredible faux Magnolia wreath (featured in the image above) that I have been looking for! This was the real Joanna Gaines touch.

One of my rules for shopping is if I’m not positive that I really really want something, I wait and see if I forget about it. If I keep thinking about it throughout the next few days, then I usually try to go back and pick it up (if it’s reasonable).

I found this fun galvanized piece with 10 different compartments last weekend and did not forget about it throughout the week. It was there when I went back, and I knew I needed to get it.  I’m thinking this would be great for all kinds of things! My first thought, of course, was to put different plants in the compartments and use it as a centerpiece on my coffee table or kitchen table. Guess I have a few more succulents to buy! Maybe I’ll do a DIY post about it once it’s put together!

I also found this great, neutral gray and white striped fabric! I have two pretty big Ikea pillows that I have been wanting to find new covers for. I couldn’t ever  find what I was looking for so my mom graciously agreed to make covers out of this fabric for me! Can’t wait to share with you how they turn out!


Another one of the highlights of my weekend was finally seeing Hidden Figures! I’ll be talking about that in another post later this week. Be sure to come back to check it out!


What were the highlights of your weekend? Any suggestions for my next Hobby Lobby trip?


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    […] of them and my mom made them for me out of the fabric that I got from Hobby Lobby featured in my Weekend Roundup post from last week! Gotta love […]

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