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The Gift of (Plant) Life

February 15, 2017

Hi there!

A sweet friend of mine had her 16th birthday last week and I wanted to do something special for her. She and I share a love for succulents and cacti, which we talk about all the time during our Monday afternoon coffee dates!

I wanted to make her a little something along those lines to give her for her birthday, but as I’m sure most of you know plants can get expensive! I want to show you today that giving the gift of plant-life (haha) doesn’t have to break the bank and can still be SUPER cute.

I started my hunt for the perfect “container” for the plants at Target (which you should know by now is practically a second home to me.) Thinking out of the box and getting a little creative can totally cut the cost in half for something like this. I started in the dishes, looking for the perfect bowl for my little plants. They have so many options, especially if white is what you’re going for!


Honestly any of these would have done the trick! I picked out my favorite shape that wouldn’t require too many plants to fill it up, but was still deep enough for them to have some room.

I settled on this bowl, sweet and simple, that was $4. Next, I just picked out two succulents and one cactus to put in my container. My local Lowes had a lot of great options for both succulents and cacti, all for around $3-$4. Not bad at all!

Next, I “potted” the ones I had chosen into their container. I filled my container a little less than halfway with this potting mix, and then placed my little plants in there until I had them where I wanted them. I took a little of the potting mix and patted it around the plants so they would be nice and snug in the container.


Last, I bought these cute little pom-poms that were already attached to the yarn at Target. They were in the gift-wrapping section and on sale for less than $2. You could totally make your own pom-poms which is super easy! I just liked the convenience of these and the fun pop of pink! 🙂

And that’s it! Here’s the cost breakdown:

Succulents & Cactus- $10

Bowl- $4

Pom-Poms- $2

$16 total for a really fun and unique gift!


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