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January 18, 2018

Hi there!

A friend of mine recently asked me where I get my home decor inspiration, and it made me realize I actually get that question pretty frequently! Inspiration for me comes from all over–I see something that I like out in “the wild” and I try to emulate it in my own home in a way that works for me!

I come by my decor instincts honestly, however. My grandmother has always had the most beautiful decor in her home, I probably studied it as a child and have adopted some of her techniques to this day! My mom also is an incredible interior decorator, she has always had such a gift for making every inch of her home beautiful and welcoming.

The obvious places for inspiration these days are of course, online.

Pinterest is a great resource for literally everything and that is no exception when it come to home decor!

What style do you lean toward? Do you prefer Modern Farmhouse? More traditional? Bohemian? Find those key words to narrow down your search from something like “living room couch” to “eclectic bohemian” or “Vintage Rug Kitchen”. Your results may not be the exact style you are look for, but it will definitely steer you in the right direction.

Another tip for Pinterest that I use, is to separate different rooms into different boards. “Pin” every bedroom that you see and like, then find what common elements of all of your pins stick out to you. For me, almost every pin of a bedroom has either a black metal headboard, or a rustic looking wooden frame. That helps me narrow down what I like when it comes to shopping for furniture for my house.

Do this for every room! You might not be able to afford your Pinterest-Perfect house (hello, budgets!) but it will guide you to narrow your focus down to what you really like. That way, when you save up for a new couch, or decide it’s time for a new paint color in your bathroom, you have lots of images to inspire you.

Below are some images I’ve pinned on my own Pinterest boards!

Another resource that I use for inspiration (maybe a little too much) is Instagram! There are SO many accounts out there where people share their homes, or they share “home tours” of other people’s homes. I would say about 75% of my Instagram feed is now home interiors because I follow so many accounts having to do with home decor! While this can be really overwhelming to see everyones house look so perfect, just use it as inspiration and do what you can! I share pictures mostly of my living room and dining area because they are the most tidy! You won’t see my bedroom or guest rooms very often because while they are decorated nicely ( I think)–they are messy! And no one shares the messy part of their homes on social media! So don’t be discouraged if your whole home isn’t Instagram ready!

If I find something I really like on Instagram I usually take a screen shot in order to save it for inspiration later. Most of the accounts I follow will either tag where they got a certain item, or will respond to a message if you ask them about something specific!

Here are some of the Instagram accounts I follow that always inspire me when it comes to my own home interiors!












and SO many more! Usually one account will lead to another, I have found that Instagram has an amazing community of Interior Designers that support one another!

Another great place for inspiration for me is books! I love to sit down with a cup of coffee in the morning, or a bowl of popcorn at night (on a serious popcorn kick lately) and flip through a book. I just finished Make Yourself at Home which I loved and found super inspiring. I love how Moorea challenges every area of your home to reflect YOU. I’m excited to start The New Bohemians Handbook that I got for Christmas–I’ll let you all know how it is!

My encouragement in home decor will always be–choose what you love! If you fall in love with something, you will find a place for it and it will bring you joy! Also, include items that mean something to you! Some of my favorite things in our home are  the most sentimental, like our wall of art prints of cities that we have been to together, or our collection of records that reflect us.

Final thought, most interiors that you see and love have been collected over a period of time–everything didn’t come in a box straight from one store! It takes time to find pieces that you love, and that work for your space!

I’ll try and do more posts about where I’m getting my inspiration lately, and what items I am eyeing! Hope this was helpful and as always, feel free to ask any questions! Happy decorating!

Mary Margaret

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