About Me

Photo: Leslie Hand Photography


Hi there! I’m so glad you found  your way here.

I’m Mary Margaret! I live on a cute little island on the coast of Georgia with my husband and our Golden Retriever, Nellie! I love all things home decor, cooking, weekend getaways, trying new beauty products, planning parties and everything in between! I’m super excited about my newest venture, photography! I’ve been known to make a list or two, and can usually be found early in the morning with a good book and a coffee cup in hand.

Having majored in Creative Writing in college, I have always had a passion for writing, and sharing my thoughts with people as an outlet. I started to find that the routine of my everyday life wasn’t allowing very much room for me to express my creativity, and that’s why I decided to start sharing the things that I’m trying and doing here–with you! Thanks for following along as I do my best to make the little moments just a little more “Mary”. Don’t hesitate to get in touch and leave comments or questions you have, I’d love to hear from you!